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How it began

We are about to be part of the most significant intergenerational transfer of wealth in Australian history – $3.5 trillion over the next twenty years and most are not prepared for this.

Scott developed the idea for SAN from his original Financial Advice clients who wanted more than just ‘advice on their finances’. They wanted direction and they wanted all of their issues being attended to and controlled by one group/person. In the past Advisers have promoted and sold from their swim lane but often they have played this Professional Friend role with neither party fully aware and for no specific reward.  So too Advisers have done a poor job on the whole demonstrating to clients that they have the skills and capabilities to create and take Individuals and Families on the ‘holistic’ journey.

The SAN program provides Advisers with the tools, skills and capabilities to broaden the conversation with Individuals and Families and to create a plan to deliver the client’s vision with the highest degree of probability and the lowest amount of risk.

Future Clients want their SAN Adviser to know how to think about all their problems,  construct a lifetime plan and drive them, the family and the business from ‘Chaos to Greatness’.

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Who We Are

Brian Fitzpatrick


What We Do

Benefit from an extensive learning, mentoring, training and coaching program with a “4-Fold Return”

4 x Wealth

What We Do

Benefit from an extensive learning, mentoring, training and coaching program with a “4-Fold Return”

4 x Wealth

The Program

A Program designed to support you on a journey to develop new skills, keep learning and get value for that lifetime of wisdom.

What's included

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Consider the comments and questions below and reply with your thoughts – this will give you insight into how the SAN Program may impact your  ‘business’ life.

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  • Having worked to build a very successful professional services business, loneliness and exhaustion can be the result.

    The San Program connects Business Owners, Business Partners and Sole Traders in a network format providing 1:1 Business and Personal coaching, online webinars, and State and National conferences ensuring members feel connected and part of a unique and successful team.

4 x Wealth